The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda integrate all three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental). SDG 2030 Agenda recognizes that eradicating poverty and inequality, creating inclusive economic growth and preserving the planet are inextricably linked. Health is centrally positioned within the 2030 Agenda, with one comprehensive goal (SDG 3) and its 13 targets covering major health priorities, and links to targets in many of the other goals.

Pakistan aims to successfully implement a sustainable development agenda, through the development of national plans that are integrated with the National Health Vision 2025 (NHV), and aligned with the Pakistan Vision 2025.

The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (M/o NHSR&C) and Provincial/area Departments of Health are committed to implementing the agenda 2030, integrated with the Pakistan Vision 2025 and the National Health Vision 2025 (NHV). In this regard, the Ministry has completed an SDG3 Localization exercise led by Faculty from Health Services Academy and the Technical Wing of the Ministry. The SDG3 localization report for Pakistan provides the baseline for SDG3 indicators and robust monitoring and evaluation framework for Provincial Departments of Health to follow and monitor the progress of health sector interventions geared towards meeting SDG3 targets.